Back to School, Back to Routine

Back to school, back to routine. For parents, grandparents and guardians in Nova Scotia, September 4 and 5 will be very busy.  Continue reading

Garden for Hope, Inspiration

Check out my March 2019 article contribution to the Chronicle Herald! You can read the article below. *** Continue reading

MLA Dartmouth East: Widening the Pathway to Progress; Chronicle Herald Editorial

I recently had to opportunity to write an article for the Chronicle Herald, which I would like to share below. *** Continue reading

On the Road to Happiness; Chronicle Herald Editorial

I recently had to opportunity to write an article for the Chronicle Herald, which I would like to share below. *** Continue reading

Mobile Food Market in Dartmouth East

Over the past few weeks, several residents and service providers from Dartmouth East have formed a committee, including Coun. Tony Mancini, East Dartmouth Community Centre, Woodlawn Public Library, The Salvation Army, Port Wallace United Church and myself. This committee has been hard at work, planning and preparing to bring the Mobile Food Market to our community. Continue reading

Mandatory High School Civics

"The greatest threat to democracy is apathy" This spring in the legislature, I introduced Bill 100, a private-members bill to create a mandatory civics course in high school, specifically at the Grade 11 and 12 levels. A course similar to civics was promised in 2015 — 21st century citizenship — but delays and alterations have made it so this class will be at the Grade 9 level, starting in the 2018 school year. This course covers a wide range of topics and I have concerns about these topics being introduced at the Grade 9 level. Continue reading

We're Hiring!

We're hiring a Community Outreach Coordinator for the summer! Continue reading

Why I'm Supporting Tim Houston for NSPC Leader

I believe Tim Houston is the best choice to become leader of the PC Party. Here's why I've endorsed him, and will be voting for him in October. Following the announcement that we were looking for a new leader for our Party, I began thinking about the kind of PC Party I want to see. I believe it is imperative that we have a broad, open party that is welcoming to all who wish to have a more collaborative approach to politics and desire public policy not rooted in narrow ideology, but public policy that is pragmatic and maximizes the public good. Continue reading

Honouring Residents of Dartmouth East

My job as MLA encompasses many responsibilities. From case work to attending community events, from analyzing and debating legislation to meeting with constituents, it is a job like no other I have ever had. It’s an honour to voice the concerns of Dartmouth East at Province House. Continue reading

House of Assembly Back in Action

The Nova Scotia House of Assembly is back in session on Tuesday, Feb. 27. This is the earliest the legislature has been called back since 1995 — and for good reason. There are major issues that must be debated. This session will be very heavy as the McNeil government puts forward legislation on some controversial topics. Continue reading