Why I'm Supporting Tim Houston for NSPC Leader

I believe Tim Houston is the best choice to become leader of the PC Party. Here's why I've endorsed him, and will be voting for him in October.

Following the announcement that we were looking for a new leader for our Party, I began thinking about the kind of PC Party I want to see. I believe it is imperative that we have a broad, open party that is welcoming to all who wish to have a more collaborative approach to politics and desire public policy not rooted in narrow ideology, but public policy that is pragmatic and maximizes the public good.

Tim Houston embodies a new fresh approach that is required not only in the PC party, but in Nova Scotia. Houston possesses all the necessary skills to be a fantastic PC leader and an outstanding Premier of Nova Scotia. Houston has my respect and support because he achieved it the old-fashioned way – he earned it. I have no doubt in the months and years ahead Houston will earn the respect and confidence of Nova Scotians. Houston has always made an effort to engage with my community of Dartmouth East and I know he cares deeply about bringing new people in the PC party.

In the two years I have known Tim Houston, he has been a great listener, a very important characteristic in a leader. He has a sharp mind and a quick wit, the perfect combination of skill and charisma necessary to lead. Houston has a great ability to analyze problems, and he makes sure to understand the situation before he makes a decision. Furthermore, Houston has empathy and compassion. You saw that on display with his advocacy of Cayley’s Law and the Private Members Bill declaring October 15th as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. He is an excellent communicator that is able to get to heart of the matter. During the film tax credit debacle and the teacher strike, Houston was able to articulate the concerns of film workers and educators with ease and precision. This all falls back on his outstanding listening skills.

Tim Houston is in politics for all the right reasons. He has done an outstanding job as MLA for Pictou East. He won re-election with 73.8% of the vote in his constituency – that isn’t something that happens without a lot of hard work. It is now time for Pictou East to share Tim Houston with rest of Nova Scotia.

Therefore, I fully endorse Tim Houston as the next leader of the PC party and I further endorse him as the next Premier that will restore confidence in our political system and lead the way to an economic revival of our beautiful province of Nova Scotia.

Head to www.timhouston.ca to learn more about Tim and his plan for Nova Scotia!
And don’t forget to buy a membership to the PC Party - for only $10! - so you can vote for him in October!