Garden for Hope, Inspiration

Check out my March 2019 article contribution to the Chronicle Herald! You can read the article below.


My job as MLA allows me the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people. Judie and Jim Edgar are an amazing couple. Both have survived cancer and Judie has battled the disease twice. They are examples that there is life after cancer and that you can thrive after a cancer diagnosis.

I had the opportunity to meet Judie and Jim last summer and have been working with them these past few months to help them advocate for an amazing vision they have for Dartmouth and Nova Scotia. Really, it’s a vision that encompasses all of Atlantic Canada.

Judie and Jim embody positivity and they have been working tirelessly to see their vision of a cancer survivors’ garden be placed in downtown Dartmouth. They have worked hard, engaging the community and gaining support from the area MLAs, city councillors, the mayor of Halifax and the leader of the opposition and cabinet ministers.

Along with all this support, we are seeing residents of Dartmouth and other Nova Scotians express their support of this garden. For Judie and Jim, this garden will be a place of tranquility and reflection — a place where survivors of cancer can go to have a space of quiet and calm.

The vision of Judie and Jim is inclusive. They include the support networks as survivors of cancer. This means a lot to my family, especially my daughters, Sophie and Ella Halman. Two years ago, they lost their mother, my wife, to breast cancer. A garden devoted to those who have survived cancer and those impacted by cancer is a beautiful vision that Jim and Judie have worked tirelessly to achieve.

The purpose of the garden is to provide hope and inspiration to others. Hope and inspiration are critical to those who are battling cancer. My daughters and I witnessed this firsthand as their mother battled cancer. I am so proud that my daughters are part of Judie and Jim’s vision and I want to thank them for their strength and devotion to this garden.

The cancer survivors’ daffodil park has been approved by council and will be located in downtown Dartmouth by King’s Wharf. It will include an artistic feature, plaques with motivational and inspirational quotes, beautiful greenery and space for reflection. Along with this, the vision is to ensure paths are fully accessible for those with mobility challenges and there will be ongoing maintenance of the garden. This design will help facilitate understanding, accepting and enjoying survivorship.

Judie and Jim are simply amazing. Their vision is so positive and this garden will be a point on the Dartmouth waterfront to start walks, runs, conversations and will be great for local business. If you wish to learn more or donate to the cancer survivors’ daffodil garden, please reach out to Judie and Jim at [email protected] or visit their Facebook page, Cancer Survivors Daffodil Garden.



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