Back to School, Back to Routine

Back to school, back to routine.

For parents, grandparents and guardians in Nova Scotia, September 4 and 5 will be very busy. 

                As I prepare to return to the House of Assembly on September 26, my girlfriend and I have also been busy preparing our children for back to school.  For parents, grandparents and guardians in Nova Scotia, September 4 and 5 will be very busy.  CSAP students return on Sept 4, and all educational center students return sept 5. For those of us getting our kids ready for back to school it is the real new year.  During this time, there is a surge of optimism in the promise that a new school year begins.  Education is the single greatest investment a society can do for the health and prosperity of the next generation.  As I always tell my children, school is the most important job you will ever have.

                Along with this, let us keep in the mind the thousands of teachers, program assistants and support staff that are hard at work preparing to meet our kids on the first day and to set them up for wonderful learning experiences in the months ahead.  Teaching is hard work but also the most rewarding when you see that spark in a student and help unleash their desire to learn and improve. Countless hours and resources are put in by our teachers to prepare for the upcoming school year.  For every lesson delivered hours of preparation go in advance.  It is no small task to set up a class room and create a positive learning environment for our students.  The teachers, school administration, program assistants, and support staff in our province are wonderful and I want to thank them for their professionalism, competence, and passion for our youth.  They are highly motivated, competent and talented at their craft and should be treated with respect and appreciation.

                Our school system has many challenges, but at its core you will find a dedicated group of teachers, administrators, specialists, program assistants and support staff that work hard every day to set up our youth for success.  As we return to our routines this Fall, let’s take time to thank the administrative assistants, custodians, school administration, teachers, and program assistants who care for our kids every day.  It is my hope that our students have the most wonderful year as they begin another journey of learning and exploring knowledge.

                As a new school year begins let us remember the importance of supporting our youth in their educational journey.  That support can take many different forms, from reading to them at night, to helping our students organize their materials, to helping explain math concepts and exploring new ideas and places in a social studies class.  As a former teacher, I know the greatest thing a parent or guardian can do is to reach out to the classroom teacher and offer your support and encouragement.  At the end of the day, all stakeholders in education want the same thing:  to discover the rewards of a challenge and to set up our kids for success! I hope our youth and educators have a wonderful school year! Wishing you a successful and happy academic year.