Honouring Residents of Dartmouth East

My job as MLA encompasses many responsibilities. From case work to attending community events, from analyzing and debating legislation to meeting with constituents, it is a job like no other I have ever had. It’s an honour to voice the concerns of Dartmouth East at Province House. Continue reading

House of Assembly Back in Action

The Nova Scotia House of Assembly is back in session on Tuesday, Feb. 27. This is the earliest the legislature has been called back since 1995 — and for good reason. There are major issues that must be debated. This session will be very heavy as the McNeil government puts forward legislation on some controversial topics. Continue reading

The Art of the Possible

Prior to my election as MLA for Dartmouth East, I spent many years teaching political science at Prince Andrew High School. Above my classroom door, there were two questions that I hoped would challenge my students: “What will be your contribution?” and “How will you improve your community?” Certainly, no matter what age or stage you are at in life, these are very important questions to ponder. Continue reading

Reflections of a Rookie MLA

I'm still pinching myself. Whether it's delivering a member statement in the Legislature, attending a citizenship ceremony, or meeting with a Dartmouth East resident in the constituency office. I am still in awe of the position to which I have been elected. I love the job of MLA! It is such an honour to give voice to the concerns of Dartmouth East and to hold the government to account.  Continue reading

Recognizing Dartmouth East's Cam Russell in the Legislature

I was honoured to rise in the House of Assembly for the first time today to honour amazing Dartmouth East resident Cam Russell. Continue reading

Mid-Summer Update

I can't believe it's August already! My team and I have been busy attending events, meeting community members, moving into our new office - and of course taking some time to enjoy all the fantastic things summer in Nova Scotia has to offer.   This past weekend we walked in the 122nd Annual Pepsi Natal Day Parade. It was so nice for the parade to cross the bridge again like it used to, so people in Halifax and Dartmouth all got to enjoy it. What a warm welcome we received as we walked through the tolls on the Dartmouth side - a true Dartmouth welcome.   We are slowly moving into our office this week. Our phone lines are up and running. There are still a few final touches that need to be done on the renovations -but overall we are ready to go.  Stop by and visit my Constituency Manager Julia, she is ready to help you out with anything you need.   Looking forward to the last few weeks of summer before we get back into the swing of things in the fall!