Honouring Residents of Dartmouth East

My job as MLA encompasses many responsibilities. From case work to attending community events, from analyzing and debating legislation to meeting with constituents, it is a job like no other I have ever had. It’s an honour to voice the concerns of Dartmouth East at Province House.

One of the mechanisms that exist in our Westminster model of governance that gives voice to the community is known as member statements.

When the House is in session, MLAs use this mechanism to raise issues and recognize outstanding members of their community.

Member statements happen every Tuesday to Friday in the House. They are an opportunity for MLAs to recognize the great work being done in their community by residents and to recognize some of the great organizations and business owners that add to the health and vibrancy of their constituency. I have had many opportunities to share with the House of Assembly some of the great work that is happening in Dartmouth East. I’d like to share a few.

On March 6, I recognized Greg Fong, perhaps best known as the owner of the Garden View Restaurant. Fong has kept himself busy working with The Village on Main to create an age-friendly community with arts and health hubs. Fong’s creativity and dedication to community improvement is exactly what the Main Street area needs. Although the temporary closure of the Garden View has left a void in our hearts (and our stomachs), I know Dartmouth can’t wait for it to reopen in its new, environmentally-sustainable building. Thank you, Fong, for your dedication to Dartmouth.

On March 9, I recognized Bridgeway Academy. Not all students learn the same way. For students who require a different learning environment, places like Bridgeway Academy can be vital to achieving success. This school does amazing work for diverse learners in Nova Scotia. At their four locations around the province, they are helping students achieve success and take ownership of their learning. The model they have developed for education ensures that their students are able to thrive.

Also on March 9, I recognized Dartmouth East resident Maj. Chris Hanley for his years of service in the Canadian Forces and his service to Canada. Hanley has been serving his nation since 1991, when he joined the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals in Halifax. Since then, Hanley has completed three overseas deployments — Israel and Syria, Sudan and most recently in south Sudan as a military liaison officer. Hanley is an amazing father, husband and member of the community and I thank him for his service to Canada.

Dartmouth East is so lucky to have such amazing residents. It is always special when I get to deliver these statements and honour the great work being done in our community. If you know of anyone in our community who is going above and beyond, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office and they may just be honoured with a statement in the House.