MLA Dartmouth East: Widening the Pathway to Progress; Chronicle Herald Editorial

I recently had to opportunity to write an article for the Chronicle Herald, which I would like to share below.


The Nova Scotia legislature will be back in session on Thursday, Feb. 28. The last sitting was in the fall and I know all 51 MLAs in our province are busy preparing to bring your issues to the floor of the legislature.

During the spring session, we will debate the provincial budget, along with many other topics. There are big issues affecting the province. The major concerns I am hearing from residents of Dartmouth East are health-care related.

Nova Scotians are concerned about our health-care system. I hear it time and time again from residents. They have expressed great concerns about the doctor shortage and concerns about wait times in our ERs and for surgery. Along with that, I hear from residents about the need for more resources for long-term care for our seniors.

As a result, there are three town halls scheduled that will allow residents to openly discuss their concerns about health care. The first took place on Wednesday, Feb. 6, at Regal Heights Baptist Church. The next two will take place at the same location on Wednesday, April 24, and Wednesday, June 5. The town hall on Wednesday, April 24, will focus on mental health and addiction services. On Wednesday, June 5, the town hall will focus on senior care. For more information, contact Claire Belliveau at [email protected].

I am also pleased to share that a new non-profit has been created called the Dartmouth Shelter Society. The society has partnered with Sonlife Community Church on Windmill Road to provide emergency shelter in Dartmouth to those who require support. There are many great supports that exist in Dartmouth, however there is a need for emergency housing in our community. This initiative has been championed by Warren Wesson and a group of community volunteers dedicated to enhancing supports.

I want to thank everyone involved in this initiative, especially Sonlife Community Church, which has graciously donated the space for this shelter. It is wonderful to see Dartmouth come together to support our most vulnerable residents. To learn more about the Dartmouth Shelter Society or to volunteer, contact Wesson at [email protected].

On a final note, as we prepare to return to the legislature later this month, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ideas for member statements. One of my favourite parts of the legislative process is recognizing outstanding residents or businesses who go above and beyond for Dartmouth East. You can email your ideas to [email protected].

Tim Halman is the MLA for Dartmouth East and is a former teacher. He is the opposition critic for the attorney general, Department of Justice and Nova Scotia Lands.


If you would like to view the article in full on the Chronicle Herald, please follow the link provided here.