On the Road to Happiness; Chronicle Herald Editorial

I recently had to opportunity to write an article for the Chronicle Herald, which I would like to share below.


During the holidays, I had the opportunity to read Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose by Joe Biden, the former U.S. vice-president who served with former U.S. president Barack Obama.

Outside the rough and tumble world of U.S. politics, Biden certainly knows hardship but has the strength to carry on. In 1972, he lost his first wife and child in a car accident. In 2015, he lost his son, Beau, after a courageous battle with brain cancer. In the book, Biden quotes three rules for happiness by Immanuel Kant: “something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”

As 2019 begins, I want to remind Dartmouth residents and all Nova Scotians of these three rules which, in my own way, I have found great comfort in, as have my children. A new year creates a sense of rebirth and a desire to improve our mental, physical and spiritual life. If you are searching for something to do, there are many opportunities to renew yourself by serving others. Service clubs in our community and province are always looking for volunteers. Reach out to any of the following organizations and get involved.

  • The Dartmouth Kinsmen. Volunteers are needed every last Sunday of the month to help prepare a community breakfast.
  • The Dartmouth Lions Club. They need volunteers to help with their eyeglasses program.
  • The Mobile Food Market of East Dartmouth needs help to prepare nutritious bags of food for those in need.
  • Every month, Gerry Leet and his group, the Street Pastors, walk the streets of Halifax and Dartmouth and distribute food, clothing and water to those in need.
  • Brunswick Street Mission requires volunteers to make and serve breakfast for those in need.

Daily tasks provide an enormous sense of accomplishment. Humans are naturally social. We require relationships in order to find balance and happiness. In 2019, actively seek out an old friend and reconnect with them. As a dad, I have learned the greatest way to share your love is to spend time with those you care for and be a good listener to those who need our attention. There are many opportunities to demonstrate your compassion and empathy for others.

We are blessed to live in a province with such amazing potential. Last month, a Grade 5 class from École Bois-Joli visited Province House and I had the opportunity to speak with them. I was impressed with their questions and their desire to learn about politics. The potential of our youth should always give us hope. Our greatest resource is our people. Let us always strive to make Nova Scotia the best it can be so that the next generation may find their happiness and prosperity. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2019!


If you would like to view the article in full on the Chronicle Herald, please follow the link provided here.