Why I'm Running Again

Why am I running again?


Prior to my election as MLA for Dartmouth East, I spent many years teaching history and political science at Prince Andrew High School. Above my classroom door, there were two questions that I hoped would challenge my students: “What will be your contribution?” and “How will you improve your community?” These are very important questions. 

I believe politics is the art of the possible. I believe our political system and approach to policy in Nova Scotia can be reformed with an injection of this attitude.  I believe in an approach that focuses less on rigid ideology and partisanship, but emphasizes policy that maximizes the public good. We must focus on long term solutions to the economic and social issues facing our province.

My time in public life has taught me that we are united in our desire for a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.  If we are to move Nova Scotia forward and modernize our province, we must rethink our views on primary health care, mental health care, seniors care, education, and education.


If politics is the art of the possible, then it is possible to have a health care system that increases doctor recruitment and retention, that modernizes through virtual care and establishes a chronic illness treatment and prevention program. We can emphasize preventative health care in our education system, and restore local decision making in health care. https://www.pcpartyns.ca/health

If politics is the art of the possible, then it is possible to expand Long Term Care and Home Care to ensure dignity for our seniors. This means we must have more single rooms in our LTC facilities and we need more staff to ensure our seniors receive the care and support they deserve.  https://www.pcpartyns.ca/seniors

If politics is the art of the possible, then it is possible to have a mental health care system that is universally accessible, regardless of circumstances.  As a teacher, I saw many youths unable to access the support they need because of wait times and because their family did not have private insurance coverage.  A Tim Houston PC government will ensure universal mental health care for Nova Scotians https://www.pcpartyns.ca/mental_health

If politics is the art of the possible, then it is possible to have an education system that challenges our students and brings out the best in their nature.  A system that sets students up for success and that maximizes the learning potential of all Nova Scotians.  I believe it is possible for schools to belong to the communities they serve by ensuring community concerns are heard at the local level.


Nova Scotians desire ideas and solutions that focus on their current realities.   Nova Scotians want equal opportunity for all our citizens to find fulfillment in their education, work, and families. I believe there is always a light of hope.  

Despite the many obstacles we face, I believe if we approach politics as the art of the possible, we will ignite a modernization of our Province in a Post-Covid world.  Let us work together to achieve the Nova Scotia of our dreams. We can create better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. 

That is why I am running again to be the MLA for Dartmouth East.