Week 7: Dartmouth East is Stepping Up!

Every week I will highlight individuals, groups and businesses who are stepping up and leading the way in the COVID- 19 era. This week: Patricia Rodenhiser, a star constituent and community volunteer. 

This week, I had the privilege of visiting an amazing Dartmouth East volunteer. For 29 years, Patricia Rodenhiser was a volunteer running the East Dartmouth Christian Food Bank, providing food items for those in need. In December 2019, Patricia decided to retire from her volunteer role.
The East Dartmouth Christian Food Bank, based out of the Woodlawn United Church, opens on Thursday mornings. Families are able to attend weekly to get bakery and produce items and monthly for non-perishable foods. Donations come from all over, including five local church sponsors in Dartmouth East. The COVID 19 Era has thrown our community's need for food support into sharp relief. The opportunity to access food free of cost can make all the difference for some families. The East Dartmouth Christian food bank, under Patricia's supervision, helped take care of this need. 
I can only imagine the hard work and determination it took for Patricia and her team to provide food to so many vulnerable families in Dartmouth. On behalf of our community, thank you Patricia. Thank you for being such a strong community leader.
If you or your family is struggling with food security, please reach out to my office, and my team will provide you with the necessary resources. 
This is just a small sample of folks making a difference in our community of Dartmouth East. It is my intention to highlight their stories every week on my blog. If you have suggestions on who I should highlight I can be contacted at [email protected].
Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay positive.