Week 5: Dartmouth East is Stepping Up!

Every week I will highlight individuals, groups and businesses who are stepping up and leading the way in the Covid 19 era. 

This week: Our graduates. 

Students and high school grads in Dartmouth East!

Normally this time of year the energy in our schools is uncontrollable!  For the thirteen years I spent at PA, I remember the energy and joy of our students as they prepare for grad and celebrate end of year achievements.  In our elementary and junior high schools, field day and field trips are very common and are so fun! With our schools closed because of COVID- 19 I know our kids are missing out on these great events that we remember from growing up.

We have amazing schools in Dartmouth East.  Mount Edward Elementary, Brookhouse, Ellenvale, PA, Caledonia, Eric Graves,  Bois Joli, Carrefour, Admiral Westphal, Bridegeway, Michael Wallace and Ian Forsyth are wonderful places of learning.  Our students have missed their teachers and friends along with all the great lessons and activities that go along with school.  Our youth should be commended for the resiliency they have demonstrated these past three months.

I want to extend my congratulations to our Grads of 2020.  This graduation has been very different, but the circumstances do not diminish their accomplishment in the slightest.  Our Grade 12's may not be walking across the stage in the way they expected, but they have achieved something worthy of recognition.  So, congratulations on your graduation! Get out there and contribute to your community, province and country.

Let's all be sure to praise our kids for the resiliency they have demonstrated in this challenging time.  While we don't currently know what the Fall will look like, we can remind our kids that we can control the here and now- and plan appropriately for the future.  As of June 18, the playgrounds are open!  So, get out there with your kids on the monkey bars and let’s celebrate our youth for the resiliency they have demonstrated.

This is just a small sample of folks making a difference in our community of Dartmouth East.  It is my intention to highlight their stories every week on my blog.  If you have suggestions on who I should highlight I can be contacted at [email protected]


Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay positive.