Week 4: Dartmouth East is Stepping Up!

Every week I will highlight individuals, groups and businesses who are stepping up and leading the way in the COVID- 19 Era.

This Week: Balance Fitness Hero Challenge

Every week I’ve been calling residents in Dartmouth East to ask about how they’re doing throughout the COVID- 19 pandemic. One resounding piece of feedback is that people missed exercising & going to the gym. We’ve been stuck at home for months, and that isn’t easy on our health. Now as restrictions start to lift, I want to recognize two business owners that did their very best to make it easier on all of us: Jade Martin & Erika French, at Balance Fitness.

Balance Fitness is a small private gym located in Tacoma Plaza. They emphasize a balance between physical, nutritional and mental health. When the pandemic hit, their gym was closed by a mandatory public health order. That didn’t stop these business owners from making a difference. They went back to the drawing board, and imagined a program where they could reach out and help people at home. The ‘Hero Challenge’ was born less than a week after gyms were forced to close.

The ‘Hero Challenge,’ led by these two business owners, was a resource for participants to find a ‘new normal’ in life at home. It included daily work outs, as well as videos focussing on nutrition and mindset advice. They provided tips on curbing sugar cravings, journaling, meditation, and more. Here’s the kicker: the entry fee? Not a dime. Members had the option to donate to purchase some gift cards from local businesses that might struggle during the pandemic. These gift cards were raffled off by participating in online challenges that promoted good health.  The ‘Hero Challenge’ finished up recently, but all the content is still available online, free of cost.

It is incredibly important in challenging times to focus on maintaining your health, so we can all be our best selves. On behalf of the Dartmouth East community, I want to thank Erika & Jade for their hard work in keeping us healthy through the pandemic. When their business took a major hit, they turned it into an opportunity to help others.

This is just another small example of how folks in our community are making a difference. It is my intention to highlight their stories every week on my blog. If you have suggestions on who I should highlight, I can be contacted at [email protected].

Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay positive.