Week 10: Dartmouth East is Stepping Up!

Every week I will highlight individuals, groups and businesses who are stepping up and leading the way in the Covid 19 era.

This week: Dartmouth Titans, Dartmouth Little League and United Dartmouth Football Club (UDFC)

My children are used to going at a very fast pace and they absolutely love being involved with sports.  Ella is a gymnast, Emma plays basketball, Sophie plays soccer and Chris loves baseball!  Christine and I enjoy our down time with friends at the gymnastics club, baseball diamond, the soccer pitch, and the basketball court.  Some of our closest friends are the other parents we have met at our children’s practices and games.  During the lockdown, being unable to attend practices and games was challenging. As parents, we really missed seeing our kids in sports. Moreover,  it was a real struggle for our youth in Nova Scotia who could not attend practices, games and their activities like Girl Guides, Scouts and Cadets.  I think we all recognize how critical structure is to our kid’s development.

Over the past few weeks, I have been very impressed with the coaches and staff at Dartmouth Titans, Dartmouth Little League and UDFC.  Submitting plans to their respective associations for approval by public health was no doubt a very challenging task.  Hours of work and preparation, meeting and consultations went into these reopening plans.  I want to thank all coaches and staff in Dartmouth for the countless hours devoted to preparing their facilities for reopening. 

A plan is only as good as its execution.  Gymnastics started up a few weeks ago and I was so impressed at the competence and professionalism of the coaches and staff in getting these young athletes compliant with public health protocols.  The same goes for Dartmouth Little League.  The coaches have been phenomenal in distributing equipment, teaching drills, practicing the fundamentals all the while getting players to practice physical distancing and reminding them of hand washing and proper coughing/sneezing etiquette.

I know a lot of work has gone into preparations for the UDFC program. UDFC was created two years ago with the merger of Cole Harbour Eastern Passage Soccer and Dartmouth United.  It is a huge organization with many outstanding parent volunteers, coaches, and staff.  This week, practices have resumed, and I know my daughter Sophie and her friends are so pumped to start practice on Friday.   I know my stepdaughter Emma is looking forward to the Fall when hopefully the Dartmouth Lakers basketball program will start up under the “new normal.”

As a teacher, I learned that for kids to thrive they need structure, challenge, and opportunity to test their abilities.  That is why I am so grateful to the volunteers, coaches, and staff for their outstanding work with our young athletes. These individuals are the heart and soul of our communities in Nova Scotia.

This is just a small sample of folks and organizations making a difference in our community of Dartmouth East.  It is my intention to highlight their stories every week on my blog.  If you have suggestions on who I should profile I can be contacted at [email protected]

Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay positive.